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Jeff Matlow
May 18, 2015

10 Questions: Patrick Byerly


Patrick Byerly is the President of the Dallas Marathon. He came to Dallas from the ASICS Los Angeles Marathon, where he came to from the New York Road Runners where he came to after starting his career at Southwest Airlines.


Understanding his rapid rise in the industry has him hitting all corners of the country, we completely forgot to ask him whether he still flies Southwest.  But we did ask him our 10 questions.

Oh, by the by, Patrick can run. His marathon PR is 2:52, which is almost closer to my 10k PR than it is to my marathon PR.

Enough said. Here you go... 10 Questions With A Race Director: Patrick Byerly.

Q#1: Beatles or Rolling Stones?

Rolling Stones


Q#2: If you could have invented anything, what do you wish it was?

The wheel!


Q#3: Why in the world did you become a race director?

Great question.  It is not something that I set out to become or dreamed of being.  What motivates me on a daily basis is bringing innovation to the sport and that is why I work in this crazy industry.


Q#4: If you were an animal or vegetable, which specific animal/vegetable would you be and why?

No way I would be a vegetable. I would have to go with a cheetah so I could be the fastest or an eagle so I could fly.


Q#5: What sponsors do you shamelessly want to plug?

We have too many partners just to name one!


Q#6: What's the craziest thing a participant ever said to you?

One of the most memorable comments received was after we did an event in NYC for area runners participating in the TCS NYC Marathon.  We had Ryan and Sara Hall do a shake and run and had a surprise appearance from Meb.  The reactions from the runners were priceless!  Several runners sent us notes that commented that our event was the highlight of the weekend!  Powerful comment considering that they ran one of the greatest races the same weekend.


Q#7: How many events do you put on every year?

10 - 15


Q#8: How many events do you participate in on any given year?

3 - 5


Q#9: What does 1 + 1 equal, and why?

My mom was a math teacher for over 30 years, so I have to say 2 instead of something creative.


Q#10: Favorite thing about imATHLETE?

Jeff and his team has the same desire to be innovative and to challenge the status quo.



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