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Kaila Luttrell
December 19, 2016

3 Ways to Prepare Your Race For 2017

Prepare Your Race For 2017It’s tempting to put things off until after the new year. This time of year, excuses come easy, and you get to make up for any slacker-karma you’ve generated by making resolutions on January 1st. But what if you did it in reverse. What if you decided to get things done by 12/31/16?

I’m here to tell you you should. Your 2017 self will thank you. Here are three ways to prepare your race for 2017.


1 - Set Up Online Race Registration NOW

Here’s the thing: nearly everyone waits until the new year to start setting up their online race registration. And when everybody starts doing something they only do once a year, they have questions. Which means support queues for your favorite race registration platform grow. If you get a jump start on your setup now, you’ll get to avoid those queues and will have faster support if you run into questions. (Okay, our support team is pretty darned quick anyway, but if they get to you even 5 minutes faster, that’s 5 minutes you don't have to wait.)

2 - Map Out Your Marketing Strategy for 2017

When you wait until the last minute to plan your event marketing, you do things like forget to set up the discount code you just blasted out to every person who has ever signed up for one of your races. Which means that code doesn’t work. Ooops.

Take the time now to prepare for next year, and your marketing efforts will be a breeze. Here are some other areas of your marketing program to focus on before the new year:

  • spruce up your email templates 
  • create any discount codes you'll need for promos throughout the year

    [Pro tip: Discount codes on imATHLETE must be unique site-wide. Which means if you want to make sure all of your 2017 discount codes are available to you, make them NOW.]

  • make sure you have a plan for growing your email lists
  • send out some teaser emails to folks who registered last year
  • re-evaluate your copywriting and make improvements if you need

3 - Update That Race Website!

There are quite possibly more outdated race websites on the internet now than there are up-to-date race websites. Don’t be that race! Go over every single page with a fine toothed comb and update:

  • Outdated contact information
  • Event policies that have changed
  • Old logos
  • Links to last year’s registration (for the love of all that is holy, check, double check, and triple check these links)
  • Post-race party info
  • Schwag images and teasers


2016 isn't over yet. Do you want to be the person who is "working from home" between now and January 2nd and enters the new year a step behind? Or do you want to be the one who jumps into 2017 rarin' to go?

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