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April 21, 2016

4 Apps To Keep You Organized As You Plan Your Event

Stay Organized

Planning a race is not for the faint of heart. You’ve got to be on your game, you’ve got to get stuff done and you’ve got to be organized.

Lucky for you, it’s 2016, not 1892, and we have some pretty brilliant technology to keep us on point.

What are the best apps to keep you organized as you plan your event?



Pinterest logoWhen you’re in the planning stages of your event, you’re likely going to be Googling until you’re on the verge of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, looking for ideas on how to throw the best post-race party, cool items to include in your schwag bag and design ideas for your online race registration platform.

But how do you make sure that those awesome ideas aren't lost in your borderline manic Google frenzy?


Pinterest, commonly mocked as a social network that exists for collecting and sharing recipes and crafts, is a powerful app for organizing all of your race ideas and inspiration.

Create boards for the different categories of awesome ideas you want to save, and then let yourself go crazy pinning all your good finds. You can search for things directly on Pinterest or scour the web and pin things to your boards as they enter your Google-sphere. Whatever keeps your organizational and creative boat afloat.



Evernote logo

Evernote (also know as The Holy Grail for Type-A Personalities) is the most convenient organizational app on the market. Evernote allows you to keep track of everything connected to your race - notes, contract drafts, race registration copy, potential vendor web pages… everything! 

It also allow you to categorize all of your notes, which makes it easy peasy to find that one important note you jotted down during a sponsor meeting 6 months ago.

Evernote keeps your notes organized and streamlined in one easy to use (and easily searchable) interface.



trello-mark-circle.pngAs a race organizer, it’s safe to say that at any given time, you and your team have about 26,401 balls up in the air. And if you’re relying on email (or ::gasp:: even more archaic, face-to-face interaction) to make sure that none of those balls get dropped, you’re probably going to be disappointed. Getting a project management app is key to keeping your team on point.

As far as project management tools go, Trello is at the at the tippy top of the list in terms of general awesome-ness. It’s easy to use, it’s efficient and it’s the perfect tool to inspire your team to make sh*t happen. Trello will tell you what’s being done, who’s responsible for getting it done, when it’ll be done and who’s head is on the chopping block if it doesn’t get done. 

With Trello, you can assign tasks (like setting up Facebook ads or recruiting volunteers for bib assignment), create to-do checklists, set up timelines and notifications and a truckload of other features to make sure that all of the deliverables that you need to make your event a success are getting done, getting done well and getting done when you need them to be done.

Best of all, you don't need a 25-hour training course to use it. It's intuitive right out of the box. 



I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again - you must must MUST be rocking social media to be successful in the uber-competitive race landscape.

Hootsuite_logo.pngBut with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Snapchat and the oodles of social networks that seem to be popping up every day (Catster, anyone?), it can be overwhelming and time consuming to keep up with posting to all of them.

Enter Hootsuite. Hootsuite is an awesome tool for scheduling all of your posts across all of your social media accounts in one place. Instead of switching between accounts and posting every day, you can spend an hour on Sunday night planning and scheduling out your posts for the week.

Multitasking FTW!


These apps will help you streamline your processes, get organized and pull off the event of a century. But they’ll only take you so far - in order to get the most out of these apps, you have to actually use them.

Download the apps, commit yourself to getting organized and planning your event will be a breeze.

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