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Kaila Luttrell
January 31, 2017

4 Ways to Spiff Up Your Online Race Registration Page

Custom Online Registration PageIn this day and age, you know that design is important, and that branding is important, and that the athlete experience is important. I don’t have to tell you all this.

I also don’t have to tell you that your time is limited, your team is only so big, and you aren’t paying the expenses for your race from a money tree sitting in the corner of your office.

But I will tell you that all of this is no excuse for a dusty old custom registration page. The Custom Registration Builder is an insanely easy-to-use tool that will help you keep your registration page on brand and looking great.

Here’s how to give your online race registration page a professional touch without shelling out the big bucks.


Be Consistent

Use the same images and colors on your registration page that you use on your website, in your email marketing, and in your social channels. You should already have some images lying around that your graphic design partner has created that will do nicely. Consistent images and colors are strong visual cues to your athletes that they’re in the right place.

Use Transparent Image Backgrounds

Have you ever seen a boxy logo with a white background on a page with a black background? Looks kind of off, right? The good news is, it’s easy to avoid that awkward boxyness. Just be sure you’re using an image with a transparent background. Your graphic design partner will send one over if you ask.

Get Your Image Dimensions Right

Make sure you are using the correct dimensions for your banner and sidebar images. A too-tall banner image will push the important stuff (like the Register button!) far down the page, forcing your athletes to scroll. A too-narrow banner image with a solid background isn’t really a banner. It’s just an oddly placed box.

Up the Resolution

If your banner photo is something you snapped with your cellphone in a half-lit room back in 2005, the resolution is terrible (trust me, it is). And in the photo-centric online universe that we live in, this will be immediately obvious to anyone who visits your race registration page. Make sure you’re using good quality photos and images for all of your branding.

Watch Your (Page) Weight

Not a dig on your waist size, but it is a dig on those 30 MB image files you’re trying to use that will make the page load times for your online registration page slower than a tortoise after Thanksgiving dinner. There is a delicate balance between image quality and file size, but if you resize your image to the appropriate dimensions and save it as a JPG, it’ll trim down the file size without making a garish, pixelated mess of your image.


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