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May 11, 2016

5 Ways Your Athletes Can Manage Their Own Registrations

5 Ways Your Athletes Can Manage Their Own Registrations

Have you ever found yourself staring at an overflowing inbox thinking, "How can I make this go away?!" You aren't alone. Fortunately, if you use imATHLETE for your race management software, we've got some handy features to help alleviate some of that burden on your inbox. Letting your athletes manage their own registration changes, and removing you from the middle of every change request, is just one of the ways we help you help your inbox. It's a win-win for everyone.

So what kinds of registration changes can you let your athletes make?


Registration Details

If you've got registration edits enabled for your event, your athletes can edit most of the details on their race registration form without ever having to get in touch with you. Things like:

  • T-shirt size

  • Team name

  • Opt-in/out for text messaging

  • Medical information

  • Estimated finish time

To protect against unauthorized transfers, athletes are not able to change the first name, last name, gender, or email address on their registrations. 


Registration Class or Distance

If you offer multiple classes or distances in your event, chances are good some folks are going to want to switch. If you enable class changes, your participants will be able to switch distances with a couple clicks of the mouse and without ever having to contact you. Keep those, "I didn't train enough because...", and "I thought my friend signed up for..." emails out of your inbox. And if class changes cause you some extra administrative work? Throw a class change fee in there if it suits your fancy. 



Maybe you want to allow folks to cancel from one event and move to a different one? Remove yourself from the approval process and let your athletes defer to another event all on their own. If you need to charge an administrative fee for that deferral, no problem. The option to add a deferral fee is built in. 

The other upside? There's a record of the deferral on imATHLETE and not on some scrap of paper in the bottom of a shoe box that possibly fell out of the back of your truck when you were driving down the freeway after your last event. 



Transfers, not to be confused with class changes, allow one athlete transfer a registration to another athlete. Think: Jane can't run but her friend Joni can, and Jane wants to give her spot to Joni. As long as you've got transfers enabled for your event, Jane can give her registration to Joni in a couple clicks of the mouse. No email to you necessary. If you want to charge a transfer fee for doing so, you can automate that as well. Easy peasy.



Did you know that you an actually make more money by allowing cancellations? You heard me. Canceling a registration does not automatically issue a refund, and you can let your athletes cancel their own registrations without ever having to contact you. Of course, if you'd like to offer a discount on a future event to anyone who cancels, you can do that, too.

Now, why in the world would you want to do that? The answer is simple: more revenue for you, and more value for your athletes. 

Here's a scenario: Your event is sold out. You have a waitlist. If someone cancels from your sold out event, you've opted to automatically issue them a discount code good for 70% off next year's registration fee. 

John registered early and paid $50 for his registration. He cancels. You keep $15, he can use the other $35 toward next year's registration. 

Jane gets moved from the waitlist over to the confirmed list and pays the current cost of registration, $70.

You just made an extra $35 without having to do any work, and you now have two more happy athletes.


imATHLETE’s race registration software is intentionally designed to make your life easier and help you generate more revenue. Giving you the power to determine which changes your athletes can make to their registrations without ever having to contact you is just one of the ways we go about doing that. Take advantage of these features to decrease the number of emails that land in your inbox, free up some of your valuable time, and generate a little extra revenue in the process. 

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