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Jeff Matlow
June 17, 2019

6 Facts About Social Marketing You Need To Know

Fact #1: Social marketing drives registrations

1 in every 3 participants finds out about your event - and decides to participate - based on information from social media. 

Facebook is still the most popular channel for this communication, but definitely don't push aside Instagram and Twitter.


Fact #2: People participate in events with their friends

The vast majority of people aren't doing an event alone.  Whether it's for camaraderie, accountability or just plain old peer pressure, people participate in endurance events with other people they know and are close to.

They communicate before registering for an event (see Fact #1 above).  They communicate after they registered for the event.  They may train together.  They plan for the event together.  They share race experiences with each other.

Doing your event is a social experience.


Fact #3: You're never just registering one person


Whenever somebody registers for your event, there are very good odds that their friends or family will also be registering. 

Because imATHLETE is the only registration company with a true shopping cart platform, more people register at once.  In fact, 27% of every registration on imATHLETE has multiple items in the cart (e.g. multiple registrations).

If you're treating each registration like a stand alone participant, you're thinking is dramatically flawed.

Every single registrant is a marketing tool for you.  The sooner you embrace that, the better off you'll be.



Fact #4: Using unique links to track social engagement increases ROI 

People are excited to register for your event.  They are so excited, they will post about it on social media.  Whenever somebody registers for your event on imATHLETE, they get a unique link.  When they post to social media (or email their friends), you can track every response they get.

Anytime you want, you can see in real time how many friends each of your participants got to register and how much money each participant generated for you.

There's a report on imATHLETE called the Social Sharing & Referrals Report.  It's not just a catchy name, but it allows you to easily track how many referrals and actual registrations you got from your participants.

Here's how to find the report:


How can this increase your ROI?  Will that takes us directly to Fact #5...


Fact #5: Very few people will refer 3 or more friends

Three is the magic number when it comes to social marketing.  The truth is, most people will get 1 friend to use their unique link to register.  Some people will get 2 friends to register that way.  Only a very small handful will get 3 or more friends to use the unique link.

That, right there, is opportunity.

Your goal is to get more registrations.  How you do this is by understanding participant behavior and empowering your registrants to be better marketing tools.

Before we get to Fact #6, let's do a quick review so I"m sure you are fully understanding the participant behavior we are discussing:

- people find out about events via social media

- people participate in events with friends and family

- people communicate with friends and family before and after they've registered

- you have the ability to track that communication

- most registrants will get < 3 people to register via a unique registration link

Got it?  Good.  'Cause the next step is important.


Fact #6: Enticing participants to recruit 3 or more friends results in more revenue

That's right, more revenue.  And it's simple to do.  The key is that number 3.

First, whenever somebody registers for your event on imATHLETE, they are very clearly prompted to post on social media.  Check it out:


social popup


You just can't miss that prompt.

And you see that part in the middle?  The one that says "Get 3 friends to register.....", that's where your ideas come in.  You can customize that wording to whatever you want (see below). 

Here are some ideas of promotions that work. 

Get three or more friends to register and... all get upgraded to VIP

...get 50% back on your registration

...get a 4th entry free

...get a box of free product from our wonderful sponsors moved up the the lead corral


Creating your own promotion is easy with imATHLETE.  Just go into Edit Event, and on the bottom of that first page, you'll see the ability to add social pop-up text.  

Social Pop-Up Thingy


Want to talk more about social marketing ideas?  Let us know!  


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