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Jeff Matlow
April 09, 2019

Athlete Finder and Athlete History

Where's Waldo?

Have you ever struggled over those picture games called Where's Waldo?  If' you've ever done one, you know what I'm talking about. It's a whole mass of people wearing similar colors, all with the same color skin, the same expression, the same height, crowded together like sardines and you have to somehow locate one character hidden in the masses. WheresWaldo

It can take hours.  Sometimes days.  It is maddening. 
That is exactly the feeling we want to avoid at imATHLETE. 
That's where our new Athlete Finder and Athlete History enhancement comes into play.

Athlete Finder

If you're trying to find information on Waldo.. or Lisa... or Jenny Mae Mullroon...or any of your participants in imATHLETE, we want you to be able to find them and their information as quickly as possible.  And that's what the Athlete Finder is about. 
If you haven't seen the updated Athlete Finder on your main dashboard it just means... well... your eyes must be closed.  
With the imATHLETE Athlete Finder (isn't that fun to say?!) you can filter and hone in your search using a variety of different categories. 

Your Athletes' History

Even better, if you click on an athletes name you will see their entire history with your events. Every event, every race change, every registration date, every address they've used - right there for you. 
Want to dig deeper into all the race/class changes they made to see how they moved from the 5k to the marathon to the 10k? It's all there for you in one simple click. 
So save your hours and frustrations in looking for Waldo. With one click imATHLETE will help you find him in seconds... and give you his entire athlete history. 
Check out more about the Athlete Finder here

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