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Nolan Nardecchia
February 02, 2017

Come one! Come all! With Multi-Registration Discounts

Mario and Luigi would sign up for a race together, right?Remember the first time you ran a 5k (or did your first tri or first tour)? You probably waited for your New Year’s Resolution to start training, picked out an event, and asked your friends and family if they’d do it with you. You all trained together and even probably signed up around the same time on your favorite online race registration platform (cough*imATHLETE*cough). It’s expensive, though, when you’re paying for both your registration and your training buddy’s registration. This is exactly why we created the Multi-Registration Discount.

What Is It?

We created the Multi-Registration discount code type to help you incentivize your athletes to either, a) sign up multiple people in one cart transaction or b) sign up for two different distances in your event (e.g., 5k plus half marathon next day). 

As athletes progress through the online registration experience, a discount is automatically applied to the cart total as soon as the items in the cart meet the eligibility criteria for the discount.


For instance, let’s say someone is going through registration and thinks they would like to do the 5K and half marathon challenge but can’t afford both at list price. During the registration flow, they come across your strategically placed announcement letting them know about your automatic discount and boom! they sign up for both distances. This is the perfect win-win-win. The athlete gets do the challenge (and feel the pride of kicking butt all weekend), your event gets more participation and more revenue, and you don't have to do any work extra work to make it happen. 

The Code Setup

When you set up the discount code, you determine when it's valid and how much of a discount you'd like to offer. You can also restrict the code to certain class types during race registration. If you have a small number of registered athletes for Saturday's events and want to see more participation on Saturday, you could entice future registrants to register themselves and their friends with a hefty discount. This way you don’t have to worry about whether that extra day of events was worth your dollar!

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