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Jeff Matlow
April 12, 2019

Customize and Control Your Participants' Social Posts

Social Posting Shouldn't Be Standardized

The entire premise about social posting is that there is always unique things being written.  Even more so, people (and companies) create their own voice and brand by what they post and how they post it.

I don't know if you were on Facebook back in 2006-ish, but if you were you'd remember how standardized posting was.  Every post was forced to start with "[Your Name} is...".   In other words, all my FB posts back then had to start with "Jeff Matlow is...".  

Facebook 2007 postingyes, I was on Facebook way back then  #earlyadopter

Back in those early days, Facebook tried to standardize all posting.  They tried to force people to post their daily activities by starting everybody's post with the same words.  The result?  Lots of posts that said things like "Jeff Matlow is eating." and "Jeff Matlow is typing on Facebook".  It was boring.

Standardization stifled social creativity.

Needless to say, Facebook got rid of that within a year.


Your Post. Your Voice.

You and your company have your own voice.  imATHLETE understands that.  So in addition to things like custom receipts, custom branding, custom onscreen notifications and more, imATHLETE lets you customize your social posts.



Social Posts. Customized.

Whenever somebody registers for one of your events on imATHLETE, they are immediately prompted to share about their registration.  They can post on Facebook or Twitter, email to friends or more.

You have the ability, on imATHLETE, to customize what gets posted and you can do it at the event level.  So each of your events can have different wording on the posts.  

Even more, your social post wording can include the race (class) name as well as the event name.  This lets your participants tell the world that they not only signed up for your event, but that they've committed to do the Super Duper Diabolical Challenge.

You'll see the prompt for social wording right in event set-up.  

Easy peasy social posting squeezy.

Want more info?  Drop us a line and let us know.


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