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Jeff Matlow
December 05, 2018

Your Own Private Discount Codes

Have you seen the movie "My Own Private Idaho"?  I didn't much like the movie, but I loved the title and though it has nothing to do with discount codes, it's a unique title that always stuck with me.  

keanuriverThat aside, I bet you're wondering why, instead of talking about discount codes, I'm on this seemingly random rant about a movie featuring a gay hustler with narcolepsy and the general Keanu Reaves character we see in every movie Keanu Reaves is in (an acting style I call "intriguingly idiotic").

Truth is, if I type long enough, I'll actually come up with a point. 

You know how I said the title, My Own Private Idaho is so unique that it stuck with me.  Well, slap my butt and call me Lucille if we over here at imATHLETE didn't change our discount code structure so you can now create any code you want, unique to your event.

You see, imATHLETE used to have a requirement that any discount code be unique to our entire site.  So if Company A had created the "Xmas10" code within the past years, you couldn't create the same one.


That's all a thing of the past.

Now when you create a discount code, it just has to be a code unique to your company.  So, yeah, if you want to create the "Xmas10" code or "KeanuRules" or whatever, feel free.  It's there for you. 

And if you want to learn more about discount codes, this is an absolute must read.

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