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Jeff Matlow
April 15, 2019

Better Discount Code Filtering


Discount/Coupon Code Usage


Any event organizer who's ever talked to me about pricing strategy knows my feelings on discount codes.  I won't ramble on here but will save that for when you've consumed a couple more cocktails and are less apt to tell me to shut my trap.

discountcode-bestpractices-online-registrationSuffice to say, discount code usage is important for many events.  We have some event partners that have over 250,000 discount codes they've created with imATHLETE. 

Being able to create, edit, sort, filter, report on and analyze the data around discount codes is important.  That's why, over here at imATHLETE, we've given you a bunch of tools to get this done.  There are reports, charts, tables, forms.  We've got it all.



The 2nd Most Popular Discount Code Report

Innovation, as somebody quasi-famous said, is in the details. 

It turns out that our most popular report on discount/coupon codes is a hefty masterpiece that I'm not going to talk about here. But our second most popular discount code report was one that surprised us.  It's called the Discount Status Report. 

The original purpose of it was just to access the status of all your discount codes.  Turns out, it's a popular one and our partners needed a better sorting mechanism to view by event.  So... well... you can now view by event. 

Thanks for the request.  It's done.  

And it only took me 300 words to relay that to you. <insert "shut your trap" comment here>

Now, how about we talk about your discount code strategy...


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