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Kaila Luttrell
January 03, 2017

🌩 Don't Let El Niño Win

Lightening (aka, online registration refund stampede)2016 was quite a year. You have probably heard all the (non-endurance sports) opinions at this point, so I won’t go into them here, but I will share the most disappointing part about 2016 for me. It’s that we saw a crazy number of weather-related event cancellations.

Being in the “let’s make it easier for people to get out there and participate” business, helping an event manage a cancellation feels a bit like helping set up for a funeral. It’s a sad and somber affair.

But you know what’s even worse? Finding out that the event that was just canceled due to weather didn’t have event cancellation coverage.

So here I am, breaking out my soap box and issuing this PSA:

If you use imATHLETE for your online race registration, you need to know that our Event Cancellation Refund Program costs you, the race director, nothing. Nada. Zero dollars.

Compare that with the thousands of dollars you’re responsible for refunding participants their race registration fees and paying vendors if you have to cancel and getting yourself signed up should be a no brainer.

Don't let El Niño and his ilk win. Get yourself covered. 

Check out out these resources to read up on the Event Cancellation Refund Program:

Have questions? Drop us a line at


Here’s to a an excellent 2017 full of perfect, gorgeous weather! 🍾

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