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Jeff Matlow
June 10, 2019

New Customizable Social Marketing Pop-Up Thingy

social popupI'm not sure if the technical term is Social Marketing Pop-Up Thingy or Social Marketing Pop-Up Thingamajig so please excuse me for my apparent lack of technical terminology talent.

Suffice to say, thingy or thingamajig aside, we've got a new one and boy is it a beaut.

1 out of every 3 participants use social media to find out about events.  So we're going to make sure your exposure is the best.

You can now customize the text on the social pop-up in order to create the specific social incentives you want.

Did you know that very very few people will get more than 2 friends to register.  So how about a promotion like:

Get 3 or more friends to register and all y'all get upgraded to VIP

Watch this video to learn more.  It's short but super awesome.






Yeah I created a gif too.  Cause I know there are people like you who would skip over the video.

Social Pop-Up Thingy


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