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Jeff Matlow
March 21, 2020

Event Cancellation Case Studies

Event Cancellation Webinar Feedback

I have been getting such amazing feedback from the Event Cancellation Best Practices webinar that I did with Running USA on March 19th (here).

Companies have been sending over details of what they’ve been doing and there are some amazing ideas out there. I will be sharing them in a series of videos that will be posted here on this blog (

best practice

Best Practices Video Series

I will be trying to create videos on a daily-ish basis, but please forgive me if they don’t come that often  

We are all in this together so let me know if you're doing some unique things, getting good or bad response, or hear of something else happening out there that we should socialize.

And please tell others about the videos here.  By communicating we can be stronger. 

Stay tuned...


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