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Jeff Matlow
March 19, 2020

Event Cancellation Best Practices

Event Cancellation Best Practices Guidelines 

We just finished a wonderful webinar about Event Cancellation best practices.  If you missed it, you can watch the whole thing at

To get the information around Event Cancellation best practices, just go here (it's free):

It includes:

  • 11 Important Guidelines to Plan For Cancellation
  • 8 Rules of Crisis Communication
  • Communication Guidelines for all Stakeholders

The social and financial success of your organization begins far before you are forced to confront a crisis.  It really begins with the steps you take to plan for the inevitable.  

The difference between solid planning and a "it'll never happen to me" attitude could mean the loss of your job - and more.  

The Most Important Thing To Do Right Now

We're in a time of crisis as I'm writing this.  We may not be in a time of crisis when you're reading this, but trust me, it will come.

Get your Event Cancellation Best Practices guidelines now.



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