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Jeff Matlow
September 10, 2018

Lowered Premiums, Expanded Event Cancellation Coverage

cut percentageWhen was the last time your health/auto/property insurance company expanded your coverage AND reduced rates? Preposterous, right? 

Not for imATHLETE. We are excited to announce expanded coverage and lowered premiums for our Event Cancellation Program.

We cover up to $10 million per event.

Service fees have been reduced to a negligible .9% plus forty-five cents

Once again, we are blazing the trail to support event owners and participants with our coverage.

In 2015, imATHLETE was the first major registration company to offer Event Cancellation Coverage to event owners. By 2017, imATHLETE provided nearly $500m in coverage, and 2018 is set to eclipse that by a wide margin.

With a significantly increasing number of event companies utilizing imATHLETE’s event cancellation coverage, we made these changes to encourage even more (ideally all) companies to utilize the program. It’s a small service fee for tremendous piece of mind.

With imATHLETE, race directors pay absolutely nothing in premiums. Moreso, if they have to cancel, imATHLETE’s coverage will pay full refunds to all participants with not a single out of pocket expense to the event organizer.

It makes sense for every single event to participate in this coverage so we want to remove all barriers. With the increasing frequency of cancellations, its crazy not to have it.

Learn more about imATHLETE's event cancellation coverage. Contact to elect coverage. 

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