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Kaila Luttrell
July 06, 2017

Exciting New Release = Big Wins for You

imATHLETE Online Race Registration Enhancements

If you’ve been to today, you’ve probably noticed something different. What you see is the new face of imATHLETE. What you don’t see is all the internal back end work that lays the foundation for a whole new (and greatly improved) platform. 

Laying this new foundation means we can release new features much faster going forward, and let me tell you, our new feature pipeline is ready to burst it's so crammed full of feature ideas.

Our (fantastic, amazing, stupendous, hard working, lovable) technology team does all the hard work and late nights but never gets any of the limelight. So let’s hear from Kevin Davie, our VP of Engineering about this release:

“It's an exciting time at imATHLETE! We have a lot of really great features in the pipeline and this is a pivotal release for the next generation of our platform. With this version of our product we go live with our new foundation which paves the road for what's to come. This is the first of many releases and soon you'll see what we're so excited about. With more flexible customization capabilities, additional opportunities to engage with your audience, and rich analytics that put you in control, the next evolution of our product will blow your mind.”

Get ready to see some major updates over here at imATHLETE. We can’t wait to share them all with you.

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