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Dachelle Kane
April 26, 2018

imATHLETE's Featured Feature: Custom Registration Builder

Wait, you can do that on imATHLETE?!?! 

Umm, yeah, didn't you know?

imATHLETE has so many amazing features that it’s possible that you may have overlooked something super awesome that you could be using. So, I’ve decided to take a blog post each month to tell you about them! 

This month’s feature is (drumroll please): Custom Registration Builder

So, what is the Custom Registration Builder? It’s a simple to use tool that helps you make your imATHLETE page look more like your page and less like ours..

You could go from this…


To this…

In a matter of minutes! Looks great, doesn’t it?

So how do you do that? I’ll show you!

CustomRegBuilder_Step1CustomRegBuilder_Step2Here is where the fun begins!!

Custom_Reg_Builder_menuI know what you’re thinking; this looks too technical; how can I possibly navigate this?? And what are all those Fs??

Not to worry, this looks way more daunting than it is. In fact, much like the rest of our platform, this is basically all point and click! But you don’t have to take my word for it, go ahead and play around, nothing will be published unless you choose to publish it.

Ok, but like what if you do publish it and you want to change something? No problemo! Like many of our other features, you can edit this after you publish it!

I could go on and on about this feature, but you probably want to stop reading this and go play with your custom registration builder right now!

But Dachelle, you didn’t give us enough information!!!

Oh, I have you covered. Check out our step by step instructions here, it even has screen shots!

Still have questions? Shoot over an email to and either myself or Eileen will be happy to help!

See you next month!
Client Services Specialist and Operations Coordinator

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