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July 12, 2016

Custom Registration Builder

We know you know that branding your registration pages so that the look and feel is consistent with the rest of your event is really important. Which is why you can prettify your race registration pages on imATHLETE. We call this feature the Custom Registration Builder, and this is where our spotlight is pointed this week. 


What Is The Custom Registration Builder?

Think of the Custom Registration Builder as your very own race registration Bedazzler; it’s going to take your online race registration page from plain and boring (no offense) to all sorts of shiny just like the jean jacket you bedazzled in fourth grade.The Custom Registration Builder lets you customize the header, background and sidebar of your registration pages without the hassle of an infinite amount of coding.


How Does The Custom Registration Builder Work?

Once you log into your imATHLETE dashboard, you can easily access the Custom Registration Builder by clicking the link on the left hand side of the page. Then, you’ll be able to see all of your races/events and choose the one you want to work on.Once you’ve selected your race, you’ve got a smorgasborg of customization options. Want to add your logo to the header? Easy. Want to link it to your race registration form? You got it. Want to make your background a unicorn collage? Sure, why not? With the Custom Registration Builder, you can easily try out different colors, images and pretty much whatever you want to spiff your page up and grab your athlete’s attention.


How Does The Custom Registration Builder Help My Race?

One of the most important parts of marketing your race is branding. Having a strong brand is what’s going to get the right athletes stoked on your race and what’s going to make you stand out in the uber competitive event market. Real talk, it seems like there’s a new race every 5 minutes (glow in the dark and glitter and neon, oh my!), and your branding is what’s going to make an impression on your athletes and help you break through all the noise. And you want - no, you NEED - that brand to be consistent when your athletes register.Think about it - if your brand is consistent through your email marketing, your race registration website and your social media, but your race registration seems like it came out of left field, your athletes are going to be confused. They’re going to be thinking “Did I click the wrong link? Am I on the wrong event page? WHY IS THIS SO UNFAMILIAR, I DON’T LIKE CHANGE!!!” And then they’ll promptly proceed to click the back button and hightail it out of there.The Custom Registration Builder allows you to quickly and easily make sure that your race registration page is on par with the rest of your brand.


How Should I Use The Custom Registration Builder?

Word of advice: a week before event day is NOT the time to log into the Custom Registration Builder for the first time. (#duh) For best results, you’ll want to get your page ready to roll before you launch your registration page.If you’re design savvy, you can definitely manage the process yourself (we like to make things as easy as possible for you here at imATHLETE), but if not, this is an AWESOME project for your graphic design partner.Once you’ve launched your registration through the Custom Registration Builder, you can easily make changes and update as needed as event day gets closer.Alright race directors, that about wraps it up for this week’s imATHLETE Feature Roundup. If you want a more in depth breakdown on exactly how to customize your pages (perfect for the design challenged!), check out our tutorial. You (or your designer) will be customizing in no time.

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