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Dachelle Kane
May 23, 2018

imATHLETE's Featured Feature: Multi-Checkbox Custom Questions

This is the custom question you have been looking for your whole life!

Do you have multiple answers to one question and you want your participants to be able to select more than one answer? We can do that. Do you want to add a dollar amount to those questions? We can do that too!!

Enough talk, let me show you this magic…



Here’s where the fun begins!

You’ll repeat this process for each answer you have. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: The question must always be exactly the same for each answer. 



When you’re done, your custom question section will look like this:


And here is where that magic pays off! This is what your participants will see:


Looks so nice, doesn’t it?! That was a lot of fun. I could add custom questions all day, but you probably want to stop reading this and go add your own, it’s cool, I know exactly how you’re feeling. 

Want to see a little more? Check out our step by step instructions here, it even has a cool video!

Still have questions? Shoot over an email to and either myself or Eileen will be happy to help!

See you next month!
Client Services Specialist and Operations Coordinator

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