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Jeff Matlow
August 28, 2018

Free Event Photos, Priceless Technology

imA and Sweatworks

imATHLETE partners with SweatWorks for a giant leap forward in endurance event photography. We are extremely excited to bring the powerful Conquest Events photo technology platform to our clients, to their events, and to their participants.

The quest for that elusive "perfect" race photo has just gotten a whole lot easier!

Why has imATHLETE partnered with SweatWorks to get you free photos? In addition to traditional zone, bib, and time tagging, the system incorporates ground-breaking facial recognition technology. This proprietary multi-layered image tagging technology creates a robust system that allows for the integration of professional photographs with images uploaded by event goers. 


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Then by uploading a “selfie,” participants can have fun quickly finding themselves among the collection of event images. It's added value that enhances the event experience for everyone.

“imATHLETE is an innovative leader in technology, positioning clients to break new ground in the participant experience,” Mohammed Iqbal, Founder and CEO at SweatWorks. “It’s a natural partnership.”

“Offering free photos is a key need among all event organizers. We are absolutely atingle to partner with SweatWorks and solve the race needs with the best-in-class photo technology,” said Jeff Matlow, CEO of imATHLETE.

The partnership brings industry-changing facial recognition technology as a little-to-no cost offering to imATHLETE clients.

And if you are still waiting for your own airborne, smiling, strong "I've got this" race photo, this could do it! 

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