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Kaila Luttrell
December 13, 2016

Gift Certificates for Races

Grow Race Registration with Race Gift Certificates‘Tis the season for gift certificates, and let me tell you, if you are not selling gift certificates for your race, you are leaving money on the table.

And you are guaranteed to spend more time managing online registration edits. Have you ever seen a registration form completed by a friend or family member as a gift? Here at imATHLETE HQ we’ve seen our fair share of these, and the results are not always pretty.

Save Time

Think of the well-intentioned mom who fills out the registration form for her son, but she completes it using all of her own personal information assuming it'll be a cinch to change later (what in the world is a transfer?!). Or, let’s say a spouse friend fills out the race registration form as a gift and transposes numbers in the athlete’s birth date (super common). And we won’t get into the hornets' nest that is trying to guess another person’s preferred t-shirt size.

Every registration edit is a potential plea to you, the event organizer, for instructions or authorization to make changes. If you sell gift certificates, though, you can consider gift registration edits a thing of the past.


Grow Your Race + Make More Money

Not only does selling gift certificates save you time, it’s also an opportunity to bring in more revenue. Here are some of the financial benefits of selling gift certificates:



You potentially get exposure to new audiences, and subsequently more long term revenue. Think I’m running this race, and I’m gifting you a registration, too.


More Spending

Research shows that folks with a gift certificate are likely to spend more than the value of the gift certificate itself. It’s a lot easier to succumb to the temptation of buying that extra race schwag when you know you’re not footing the registration bill. Not to mention, if someone hangs on to the gift certificate for too long and the price increases, they’ll pay the difference at checkout.


Unused Certificates

Sadly, some folks just never use their gift certificates. It means fewer athletes getting out there and participating (boo), but it also means extra revenue for you (yay).

Selling gift certificates for your race is a no brainer. Especially when your favorite online race registration provider makes it so easy.


What are you waiting for?


Learn How to Sell Gift Certificates


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