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July 11, 2016

How Technology Is Changing The Race Game

How Technology Is Changing The Race Game

It’s hard to remember the days before technology was such a huge part of everyday life – you know, when you were using dial up to connect to the internet and scoping out chat rooms on AOL, no one had a cell phone except big shot investment bankers and Zack Morris and your athletes had to fill out a paper race registration on race day because online race registration didn’t exist.

Thankfully, those days are behind us (although I vote we bring back the Zack Morris cell phone) and technology has totally revolutionized the way that we live our lives.

And, as race directors, the way that you run your races.

So how has technology changed the race game?



Technology is completely changing the way that we humans communicate in 2016 (don’t even get me STARTED about how robots are communicating in 2016 – it’s like Terminator in real life). And, as such, it’s changing the way that you, the race director, communicate with your athletes.

Gone are the days of snail mail and phone calls (on a landline, no less) to get in touch with your athletes. Technology makes it possible to communicate with your athletes on-the-go in as many different ways as there are types of running shoes.

Need to get in touch with your athletes with a last minute event cancellation? You can shoot them a text with imATHLETE’s race text messaging. Want to let your athletes know about a new sponsor or charity partner? Post it on your website's front page. Got a new training plan for your event? Send a blast to your email list.

Save the snail mail for your pen pal and take advantage of all the new, techy ways to communicate with your athletes.



If you’re anything like me (and by “like me” I mean so-type-A-I-might-as-well-be-Monica-from-Friends), you like to be organized. And thanks to our old friend technology, getting your race (and all those pesky little details associated with said race) has literally never been easier.

Trying to organize ideas for your schwag bag? Create a Pinterest board. Need to keep your team on point? A project management tool like Asana or Trello has got you covered. Need to organize your bibs in numeric and alphabetical order, and then by color, and then stack them neatly in groups of 25?

Sorry, technology can’t help you with that. But I certainly can.


“There’s An App For That”

Meaning, your life as an organizer is easier. Another pretty sweet gift that our old friend technology has thrown our way is apps. There’s an app for EVERYTHING – seriously, all you have to do is think of something that would make your life easier/better/more fun and you can be about 98% sure that it already exists in app form.

Whether it’s using your race to donate to charity (Charity Miles), making race registration payment on event day easier for your athletes (Square) or getting your zen on after a crazy day filled with putting out race-related fires (Headspace), guess what?

There’s an app for that.

The plethora of app choices makes planning, organizing and managing your event a total breeze. So head to the app store, start downloading and then kick back and relax.

With the way things are advancing, there’s no doubt that technology is going to continue changing the race game through 2016 and to infinity and beyond. In fact, I bet it’s only a matter of time before you have robots running your race right alongside your athletes.

Terminator vs. The Ultra Marathoner. It’s got a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

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