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Cortney Martin
May 01, 2018

imATHLETE Dramatically Expands Event Cancellation Coverage

Clients now receive $10m in cancellation coverage per event, including coverage for the threat of peril, not just the peril itself

LOS ANGELES, Calif., (May 1, 2018) – imATHLETE (, a leading registration technology and data management company that is changing the way event organizers interact with their participants, has significantly expanded it’s event cancellation coverage to provide increased security to events of all sizes.

Natural catastrophe, weather and terrorism are causing more events to cancel every year. Without proper coverage, cancelling an event can cause enormous - and sometimes dire - financial consequences from which it could take years for an event to recover.


That’s where imATHLETE comes in <queue superhero music>.

imATHLETE has just increased its event cancellation coverage from $1M per event to $10M per event. That means every event using imATHLETE, that opts into event cancellation coverage, is covered for up to ten million dollars ($10M) to be used for participant refunds. It costs the event director no out of pocket expenses.

In addition to the increase in coverage, imATHLETE now covers the threats of peril that impacts the safety of participants. For instance, cancellation due to the threat of a hurricane would be covered, regardless of the eventual path the hurricane takes (hurricanes are notoriously fickle).

Jeff Matlow, imATHLETE’s CEO commented, “Our primary goal at imATHLETE is to ensure the success of our event partners, which includes increasing their revenue and mitigating their risks. We’re very excited to increase the cancellation coverage limits and help event owners sleep more soundly at night.”

Learn more about Event Cancellation Refund Program and how easy it is for event organizers to add. It’s much easier than counting sheep.


imATHLETE blends registration, coaching and e-commerce technology with the social communities inherent in running, triathlon, cycling and all participatory sports. Recognized as a leading force in the sporting world with its industry-changing registration technology, imATHLETE is one of the fastest growing companies in the market. Their technology is transforming the relationship between event organizers and their participants. To learn more about imATHLETE, visit Better yet, visit their blog at imATHLETE also can be found on Twitter @IAmAthlete and Facebook @iAmATHLETE.


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