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Kaila Luttrell
July 27, 2016

Scheduled Reporting

imATHLETE Feature Spotlight: Scheduled Reporting

You know how we're always talking about how we want to make your life easier and help you generate more revenue? Well, putting data at your fingertips by building out reports is one of the ways that we do that. And in our endeavor to make your life easier, we decided to go ahead and make those reports something you don't even have to think about running. Just point your magic wand at the report you need, and abrakadabra alakazam, your reports will arrive by email at your preferred interval. (Okay, the magic wand is actually your mouse, and there may be some clicking involved.)

Here's what you need to know about getting going with Scheduled Reports on the imATHLETE race registration platform.


What is Scheduled Reporting?

Scheduled Reporting is, well, pretty much exactly what it sounds like. The Scheduled Reporting feature lets you take any of the Other Reports on your account, like your Event Revenue Report (which is all about them dolla dolla bills) or your Participant Referral Report (which shows you which of your awesome athletes are referring race registrations) and gives you the option to have those reports emailed to you at regular intervals, like every day, week or month leading up to race day.


Why Should I Use Scheduled Reporting?


Instead of trying to remember to pull the reports you need for your Monday meeting or frantically searching for the latest Discount Code Usage Report to present how many athletes are using your custom code on your online race registration, we take care of it for you by completely automating the delivery.

Convenience for the win!

It’s also super helpful because certain reports give you aggregated data to compare at different points leading up to event day. For example, maybe you want to take a look at what your class count was 6 weeks ago and see how it holds up to where you’re at now. With Scheduled Reporting, you can pull the most recent report AND the report from 6 weeks ago right from your inbox and compare the two side by side, no dashboard login required.

Pretty sweet, no?


How Does Scheduled Reporting Work?

After you log on to your race director dashboard, you can view all of your eligible reports by meandering on up to the Reports tab, scrolling down to Other Reports and clicking View. From there, just click the little radio button next to the Other Report you need, choose the Schedule option, and away you go. 

You can schedule both the frequency of your report delivery and the date range for the data that is pulled. You can also add team members to your delivery to make sure that the right people are getting the right reports (and that Janice from Accounting stops stalking your desk to ask for new numbers again and again and again).

Once you have your reports scheduled, don’t worry, you’re not stuck with your schedule until death do you part. You can easily adjust the frequency, change the end date or add or delete recipients as you go along. Just click My Account, then head to the Settings page, click the Notifications tab and scroll on down to Report Subscriptions.


If you aren't using Scheduled Reporting. Why?! Log in to your dashboard to check out how Scheduled Reporting can do some analytical magic for you (and for more in-depth instructions, check out our tutorial).

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