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Jeff Matlow
November 21, 2017

Give Charities Direct Access To Fundraiser Data

If your event is supporting non-profits, and your participants can fundraise for a non-profit, odds are pretty high that your non-profit partners want periodic updates about their athletes/fundraisers.

And if you're like many other events, you've got somebody at your company (probably you) who downloads the participant data, sorts it by non-profit participant and then sends out emails to each of the non-profits with info about their athletes.

This, my friend, is a pain in the butt.

That's why imATHLETE gives you the ability to let your non-profits have their own login. When you set-up logins for your non-profits, here's what they can do:

- Access all information on their participants - and only their participants

- Download information about their participants

- Login as much as they want, whenever they want

- Oh, and they can NOT edit any of the data.

Get your non-profit access set up now. Just contact your imATHLETE Customer Success maven or email us with your request!

You can learn more here.

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