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Jeff Matlow
October 15, 2015

SITE ENHANCEMENTS! Automated Discounts, Multiple Choice Questions, Relay Team Size and more


It's that time again.  The air outside is almost as chilly as our office AC, frappa-pumpkin-thingies have started appearing amongst the jack-o-lanterns, and our lovely developers have unmasked a virtual bag of treats for you.  Inside that plastic pumpkin we've packed a powerful punch of pretty features: Auto-Applied DiscountsMultiple Choice Custom Questions, a clearer Manage Registration Page, new Relay Team Size options and more!



Meet a code that will 1) unlock a hidden/sold-out registration class and 2) automatically apply a discount to the registration.  Let me repeat that in case you missed it: automatically apply a discount to an invite code.  

Picture this:  Hey Sponsors! Use the code "SponsorsRock" to register for the sold-out 5k and you'll automatically receive a 50% discount.

It's a cinch to set up and distribute.  Even better, when used in conjunction with an invitation link, you can save yourself a whole heck of a lot of work.  

Learn how to set up your automated discount/invitation code here.



What are your favorite things about custom questions? (check all that apply)

Collecting data
Nifty Reporting
More Revenue
Being able to ask multiple choice questions

 Now that we've added the ability for you to ask multiple choice questions in registration, you can choose all of the above.  

Click here to learn how to set up multiple choice custom questions.


Relay teams just got easier.  Goodbye one-team-size-fits-all, hello variable team size. You can breathe a bit easier knowing that you'll now be able to set up relay teams with a minimum and maximum size (they can still be the same size, if you like). Participants will choose a team size within the range you specify and sign everyone up in the same transaction.  Easy peasy.



What's that Lassie?  imATHLETE has a help center for participants?  Our help centers have been around for awhile, but we've made it easier for participants to find answers to their most commonly asked questions by sprucing up the Manage Registration page and giving them a clearer path to those answers.  



  • Quickly email participants their confirmation codes here
  • Use invite codes in conjunction with event marketing links
  • Grab an invitation code link right from the invitation code manager 


We've crafted these new features using your feedback and suggestions as our guidelines, so thank you for sending us your thoughts!  We'd love to hear what you think about these updates and your experience with imATHLETE in general.  Drop us an email




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