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Cortney Martin
April 17, 2018

imATHLETE Expands Olympic Family Involvement with USA Badminton Partnership

imATHLETE’s data management, e-commerce and registration technology are primed to help drive USAB’s growth

imA_USABLOS ANGELES, Calif., (April 17, 2018) - imATHLETE (, a leading registration technology and data management company that is changing the way event organizers interact with their participants, has announced a partnership with USA Badminton, the sport’s Olympic National Governing Body (NGB).

.The USA Badminton relationship continues imATHLETE’s long-established connections to Olympic and non-endurance sport, which includes a history with USA Triathlon, USA Volleyball and USA Fencing in addition to nearly two decades of involvement by imATHLETE’s CEO in governance within the Olympic family.

“Like many of our clients, USA Badminton has unique needs and a strong opportunity for growth,” said Jeff Matlow, imATHLETE’s CEO. “The new CEO is driven to grow the NGB via innovative means, and we couldn’t be more enthused to leverage the power and flexibility of imATHLETE to help them exceed their goals.”

“Our missions are well aligned,” commented Jeff Dyrek, CEO of USA Badminton. “imATHLETE is a perfect partner to help take USA Badminton to the next level, as we focus on growing the sport at every level.”



imATHLETE blends registration, coaching and e-commerce technology with the social communities inherent in running, triathlon, cycling and all participatory sports. Recognized as a leading force in the sporting world with its industry-changing registration technology, imATHLETE is one of the fastest growing companies in the market. Their technology is transforming the relationship between event organizers and their participants. To learn more about imATHLETE, visit Better yet, visit their blog at imATHLETE also can be found on Twitter by following @IAmAthlete and by liking the imATHLETE Facebook page.


About USA Badminton
USA Badminton is the national governing body for the sport in the United States as recognized by the United States Olympic Committee and the Badminton World Federation. Badminton made its Olympic debut at the 1992 Summer Olympics.


Full press release also available on Endurance Sportswire.

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