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Kaila Luttrell
June 27, 2016

SITE ENHANCEMENTS! CrowdRise Integration, Team Reporting, and More!

Elephant ear and Ferris wheel season is upon us, and much like summer itself, our office has been abuzz with the excitement that comes with rolling out cool new features.

We’re as excited as a kid chasing down the ice cream truck to announce that you can now integrate your imATHLETE race registration with your CrowdRise fundraising pages. Seamless registration + fundraising experience? Done!

We've also rolled out some team management, reporting, and support updates as well. Check it out:


CrowdRise Integration

CrowdRiseIf you’ve ever wished a fundraising page would automagically be created during the online race registration process, your wish has been granted. We’ve partnered with CrowdRise to make it dead easy for you to integrate your CrowdRise fundraising into your imATHLETE registration flow. You can learn all about it here.


Team Reporting

Team Reporting

We know that managing teams can sometimes be about as easy as winning one of those giant stuffed animals at the county fair. We’ve made it easier to manage race participants by allowing you to search participant details by Team Captain or Team Name. Just like that - easy peasy team reporting. 


New Athlete Support Phone Number

If you ever need to direct your athletes over to imATHLETE for registration questions, you can send them to our wonderful support team at or our NEW athlete support number: 855-751-9090

If you (as an event organizer or client) need to reach imATHLETE support, your phone number has not changed


New Registration and Participant Reports

Do you love reporting as much as we do? (Rhetorical question, of course.) We’ve got a couple of new reports for you:

  • Repeat Participants (Year over Year)

  • Revenue by Class (Year over Year)

  • Expired Club Memberships

These can all be found in your Other Reports.


Meet the imATHLETE Team

Meet the imATHLETE Team

If you've ever wondered about the mysterious imATHLETE team, wonder no more. You can silently internet stalk us here:

We’ve crafted these new features using your feedback and suggestions as our guidelines, so thank you for sending us your thoughts! We’d love to hear what you think about these updates and your experience with imATHLETE in general. Let us know


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