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Jeff Matlow
April 02, 2015

SITE ENHANCEMENTS! New Reporting Tools, E-Mail Manager and more!

NewImprovedNew release day at imATHLETE is always so exciting for us.  Why?  Cause we *love* listening to your ideas and building them for you.  We're addicted to creating the most innovative, coolest sports registration technology out there.  And to do that it means we need to listen to you. So without further ado, we present to you some of the more exciting things in our March 2015 release.



When you are navigating through the imATHLETE site, you'll now see links appear that say "Tell Me More".  If you have questions about that page or just want to learn a bit more of how to best use it in your online registration, click that Tell Me More link and get ready to learn!






By popular demand, we just launched a couple of new reports


  • Participants by City
  • Participants by Zip Code

You asked for it, you got it! Here's how to access it:

  • Click "Reports" on the main navigation bar
  • In the Other Reports section, select either Participant Count by City or Participant Count by Zip Code
  • Select your event and run the report!



We've now created a much faster way to send out your emails through the imATHLETE email manager.  It is called "Quick Send Mode".  Creative name, eh?  I thought so too.

Make sure you click the Quick Send Mode checkbox on the Email Preview page before sending out your email.  By checking that box, your mailing will be expedited.QuickSend



Need to separate sections of your online registration form to ensure participants know exactly what they are filling out? Well today is your lucky day!  Now imATHLETE let's you enter line separators that look kind of like this:



It's so easy to create one of these nifty separators you're probably gonna get stomach butterflies.

  • Go into Event Setup
  • Click on the Custom Questions link (left side of page)
  • Add a new question
  • Use Answer Type: Label
  • In the Question text box, indicate what you want to say
  • Click Save and position the separator wherever you want amongst your questions!





In addition to all the stuff listed above, we fixed a bunch of bugs throughout the site, most of which you probably never noticed, and now will never get the ability to notice.  That's just the way we roll.



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