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Cortney Martin
August 24, 2018

Lessons from Our Dogs (and cats)

In honor of National Dog Day, we would like to introduce you to some of the beloved doggos of imATHLETE (with guest appearances by a few of their feline friends).

Dogs (and cats) teach us much about love and life, and as it turns out, about staying active and healthy. Here are some of those lessons!

There is nothing better for the the heart, mind, and body than getting outside. ~ Poncho

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If you are having motivation issues and can't seem to get out the door for your run, just call a friend. ~ Braum and Saki

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Attitude is everything! Believe in yourself. ~ Gizmo


Don't get distracted from your goal. Stay focused. ~ Charlie


Take risks and do things that might seem scary. ~ Poncho


Endurance sports are about developing your own engine and courage. You won't find those in a store. ~ Braum


Take time to stretch. ~ Lucy

Lucy Stretches

Visualization is important for preparing the mind. ~ Kuma


Keep a healthy work/fun balance. Log off and head outside! ~ Sinatra


Do everything with a heart full of joy. ~ Bella


The hardest climbs and the biggest challenges reward us with the greatest views. ~ Poncho


Bored? Change up your training with a road trip! (Human driver recommended, don't just run off.) ~ Bella & friend


Crosstrain. ~ Poncho


Get lots of rest. ~ Gizmo and Poncho

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It's about the journey, not the destination. ~ Braum


 Hope you enjoyed our doggo bloggo!

What has your dog taught you about life, the outdoors, and being active?

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