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Kaila Luttrell
February 16, 2017

Master the Flash Sale with Limit Based Pricing

Sell Out Online Registration in a Flash with Limit Based Pricing

If you want to get a whole slew of folks to scramble all over each other trying to register at once, you’ll want to do a flash sale of some sort (in addition to putting on a fantastic event, of course). Planning a rush event is maybe a teensy bit headache-inducing, but if you’re using imATHLETE for your online race registration software, the Limit Based Pricing feature makes it a cinch.

How It Works

  1. You use the Limit Based Pricing tool to tell us how many spots you want to offer at what special prices. For instance, 50 spots at $50, then 100 spots at $75, then 250 spots at $85, etc.
  2. You promote the heck out of the flash sale (hint: email marketing, social, carrier pigeon)
  3. When registration opens for the flash sale, folks register and automatically receive the promotional price based on their confirmed spot when they check out 
  4. Once each tier is full with completed (see: paid for) registrations, it’s done. Nobody gets to sit on the discount for days until they decide if they really want to register. 

Why Use Limit Based Pricing?

Limit based pricing takes care of the technical aspect of running a flash sale so that your primary focus can be making sure people know about the flash sale, not spending hours setting up complicated pricing structures. As we've seen with events like Philadelphia Marathon, a flash sale creates sense of urgency and scarcity, helping you to sell out faster. 

Examples, Please!

Maybe you want to offer a promotion like:

  • Regular registration: $125
  • First 50 people to register pay $75
  • Next 200 people to register pay $100
  • Next 250 people to register pay $115

In this scenario, the 49th person to complete online registration will pay $75, the 99th person to register will pay $100, and the 251st person to register will pay $115. If someone is in registration spot #10 initially, but they sit on their race registration for a while before checking out and the $75 and $100 tiers fill up, they'll pay whatever tier they fall into when they click the Checkout button.  

If you are considering a flash sale, Limit Based Pricing is your new best friend.

Show Me How to Set Up Limit Based Pricing

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