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Jeff Matlow
June 12, 2019

Making Mobile Registration Easier

How The 99 Cent Store Screwed Up

99centonlyOne thing I've always wondered is why the cash registers at the 99 Cent Store don't just have a big fat "9" button in the middle.  That's all the need.  There's no need for any other button.  Just a 9.  The rest of the buttons only get in the way.

We've learned from the mistakes of the 99 Cent Store and made the imATHLETE registration process more efficient.

Most of our registrations happen on mobile phones.  I registered for an event on another website recently and when I clicked on a numeric-only field (e.g. credit card number) I get a keyboard that also had letters on it. 

I ask you, why do I need to see any letters when I'm typing in a numeric-only field?!  It's bananas.  Bananas, I tell you!


How imATHLETE Does It Right

Well imATHLETE doesn't subscribe to that type of banana nonsense.  When you're typing into a numeric-only field, your keyboard only sees big old number keys.  Fields include:

iphone_keypad- Telephone

- Mobile Phone

- Emergency Contact Phone

- Credit Card Number

- Every other numeric-only field.



It's one thing your participants may not notice consciously, but I'm telling you, it makes a big difference on the subconscious sign-up experience.  

Now only if the 99 Cent Store would respond to my tweets.



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