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April 27, 2016

Increase Registrations with Multi-Event Discount Codes

Multi-Event Discount Codes

Wouldn't it be awesome if every person who signed up for one of your events signed up for all of your events? Of course, it would!

If that's not already happening, it stands to reason that you could be giving folks some extra incentive (bragging rights only go so far) to sign up for those extra races. And what incentive is more enticing than a discount?

Enter the Multi-Event Discount Code.

If you use imATHLETE for your online race registration software, this discount code is your new best friend.

What makes the Multi-Event Discount Code so special?


The Code Cannot be Abused

That's right. Post the code to a discount sharing site, and it doesn't matter. In fact, that's even good for you if it drives more registrations. The Multi-Event Discount Code only works if the same person signs up for the events you specify in the code setup. You don't have to worry about the code getting out into the wild (heck, you want it out in the wild), because it straight up doesn't work if the registrant doesn't sign up for multiple events. 


It's Versatile

You pick which events are eligible for the discount. Want to restrict the codes to a particular series? Not a problem. This code makes it easy peasy to include your Banana Jam 5k and Strawberry Marathon, but exclude the Blueberry Fun Run.

You're also able to create as many discount codes as you need to tailor different offers to your athletes. Offering $20 off a 5k and a marathon is just as easy as offering a free 5k for signing up for four half marathons.


Your Athletes Can Register at Different Times

Your athletes do not have to sign up for all events at the same time! They will need to use the same first name, last name, email, and birth date on each online race registration (we've gotta check somehow) when they register later. So no worries, John Doe won’t be able to register himself for one event and his wife Jane for another and receive the special discount. Unless... 


You Can Allow the Discount for Multiple Athletes 

On the flip side, you can allow the code to be used for multiple different people in the same cart. The code otherwise works the same, but everyone does need to check out in the same cart to get the discount. We said this thing was versatile, right?


If you're looking to take your registration incentives to the next level, try pairing the Multi-Event Discount Code with your Referral Rewards program or offering a Double Medal Challenge.


The Multi-Event Discount Code is an excellent tool for promoting all of your awesome events to folks who are already signing up for one of your races. You get more race registrations, your athletes save a little money, and more folks are getting out there and participating. Win, win, win!

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