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Kaila Luttrell
May 22, 2017

NEW: Auto-Filter the Race Registration Selection Page by Country

Filter Online Race Registration by Country

If you've ever wanted registrants in different countries to see different online race registration selection options, you're in luck!

You can now set up your registration classes to auto-detect a user’s country (by IP address) and then show them only registration classes you've set up to be visible for that country. This also serves to prohibit them from seeing and registering for classes intended for folks in other countries.


  1. A more streamlined online race registration process for your athletes
  2. Less confusion for your athletes, and fewer complaints
  3. Less work for you (because you don't need to go switching people between classes)
  4. More time to focus on your epic post-race party


Let’s say you have a marathon and half marathon in the United States, and you need everyone in the US to complete one form and anyone from any other country in the world to complete another. You set up your US and International classes as you normally would but now choose to only show the US classes to folks in the US, and the international classes to folks who are everywhere but the US. Easy peasy.

Here are the different classes you might create:

Class Setup.png

Here's what your athletes in the United States would see:

Select Type.png

Much more streamlined, yes?

This new filter option has already been released and is waiting for you in your class setup. 

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