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Kaila Luttrell
May 23, 2017

Optimize Your imATHLETE Race Registration for Fundraising

Optimize Your imATHLETE Race Registration for Fundraising

Whether you use the imATHLETE fundraising platform, CrowdRise, everydayhero or any other fundraising software for your race, there are steps you can take to optimize your imATHLETE registration flow to support your fundraising efforts. The key is to get your messaging in front of your athletes in as many places as possible, but only when and where the messaging is right for them. Sounds really simple, right? 😉

Here are some tips to optimize your imATHLETE race registration for fundraising:

The Custom Registration Builder is Your Friend

Images are powerful, and putting an image of your event and partner charity right in front of your athletes during online registration is a great way to clearly and quickly communicate that hey, we're fundraising here! The Custom Registration Builder lets you customize your header, sidebar, and background images, is incredibly easy to use, and will have you set up in a jiff. 

Highlight Fundraising with an Announcement

An Announcement is a custom note you add to the registration flow to grab your athlete's attention. Adding a big, bright, bold note to the Upsell page of the registration flow is an excellent way to get click-throughs to your fundraising page while someone is still in the process of registering. Learn how to set up Announcements here.

Integrate Donation Requests in the Registration Flow

According to Blackbaud's Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Study, over 75% of fundraising donations collected by endurance events happened during online registration. 75%! That's huge! You can ask for donations during the registration flow by either setting up donations as a merchandise item (user determines the dollar amount of the donation) or by adding custom questions (you determine the dollar amount) or both!

Set Up A Triggered Emails

A Notification is an email that is triggered (sent) as soon as an athlete completes registration. You set up the Notification email in advance, and imATHLETE will handle making sure the emails are sent post-registration. It's a really handy time to send your fundraising pitch because your athletes are already looking for a confirmation email in their inbox and are much more likely to open and read your notification email. You can learn how to set up a notification here.

Reward Social Sharing

Be sure you set up your event’s Facebook and Twitter information and encourage folks to share your cause to their social feeds. If you're really ambitious, running a referral rewards campaign can be a great way to get more athletes sharing to social (and exposing your event to a much larger audience).

Don't Fear Text Messaging

Text messages have a 98-99% open rate. Want to see more engagement with your fundraising efforts? Use SMS! (Note that I am not saying "blow up your athletes' phones like that Tinder date that just can't take a hint".)

imATHLETE offers free text messaging for races (yes, free like lunch), but it's critical that you set up the text message custom questions before you launch registration. These questions collect mobile number and carrier information from your athletes along with consent for you to communicate with them via SMS, so triple check that they are set up before you launch.

Explore Integrations

Integrations do what you think they do: they integrate fundraising with registration. If you are using CrowdRise for fundraising and you haven't integrated your campaign with your imATHLETE race registration, you should probably go ahead and do that. Learn more about setting up the CrowdRise integration here. If you are using the imATHLETE fundraising platform, be sure to attach your fundraising campaign to your event's registration flow. 

The registration flow is no small part of your overall fundraising efforts and taking a few minutes to optimize the registration experience for your fundraising race can be a big impact on the engagement you see from your participants.

Do you have other recommendations for things that have worked for your race? We'd love to hear them in the comments below!

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