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Kaila Luttrell
May 09, 2016

Press Release: imATHLETE Acquires AthletePath

imATHLETE Acquires AthletePath,
Merging the Best in Registration with the Best in Athlete Engagement
“Holy #@*&!, that’s gonna be awesome!” exclaimed one unnamed source


SANTA MONICA, Calif., (May 09, 2016) – imATHLETE (, a leading online registration company that is changing the way event organizers interact with their participants, put an exclamation point on how it’s changing the way event organizers interact with their participants, with the announcement of it’s acquisition of AthletePath. 

Portland, Oregon-based AthletePath has been a thought-leader in the merging of online registration with social engagement.  With clients like the Arizona Marathon, the Portland Triathlon and Outloud Productions, AthletePath quickly became an integrated resource for sporting events throughout the world.   

In tandem with this announcement, AthletePath clients are being transitioned to the imATHLETE registration system, providing them with a robust set of tools to grow their businesses.  AthletePath’s clients join the imATHLETE family along such events as the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon, Dallas Marathon, GORE-TEX Philadelphia Marathon, Surf City Marathon, Bike New York, OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon, Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon, Gasparilla Distance Classic and thousands of others.

When asked for comment, Jeff Matlow, imATHLETE’s CEO said “We’ve known the AthletePath team for awhile and have shared a similar vision and client-centric approach.  When the opportunity presented itself to acquire AthletePath, we didn’t think twice.  This is truly a situation of one plus one equals incredibly happy event organizers.”

David Embree, founder and CEO of AthletePath shared the excitement. “We had the fortunate opportunity to talk with a variety of different registration companies and none shared our overall vision and commitment to our clients growth in the way that imATHLETE does.  imATHLETE stands far apart from the rest and we are ecstatic to be a part of the imATHLETE family.”

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To learn more about the imATHLETE + AthletePath acquisition, check this out:                   



imATHLETE blends registration, coaching and e-commerce technology with the social networking and gamefication inherent in running, triathlon, cycling and all participatory sports. Recognized as a leading force in the sporting world with its industry-changing registration technology, imATHLETE is one of the fastest growing companies in the market. Their technology is transforming the relationship between event organizers and their participants. To learn more about imATHLETE, visit   Better yet, visit their blog at imATHLETE also can be found on Twitter by following @IAmAthlete and by liking the imATHLETE Facebook page.


About AthletePath

Athletepath is the social network for athletes connecting millions of people along the path to endurance pursuits, racing, and the accomplishment of goals. The Athletepath community encourages discovery and participation in new events and allows friends and fans to follow the journey from first training steps to the finish line. People are happier, more motivated, and better connected to their community when setting and completing goals. Athletepath makes the journey more accessible and enjoyable for everyone in the world. 


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