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Randolph Garcia
September 08, 2016

Attach Merch to Race Registrations

  RD Q+A

Our “RD Q+A” posts aim to take real-life questions from race directors that we either see frequently or we think could help other events with best practices. Yes you can breathe easier, you’re not the only one that has questions!



“Is there a way to attach merchandise items sold to existing registrations?"



This is a great question! First let me get into the premise of why this comes up:

When setting up merchandise items on imATHLETE you have the option to restrict merchandise items to only be sold in the online registration flow and the ability to also include items in your Store. Anyone and everyone can access your online event store without going through the registration flow. This is great because it allows someone’s grandma to come in and buy some official gear as a birthday present without having to register for the race. The problem comes in when you also sell shuttle tickets, iTabs, or VIP upgrades in your store. On the one hand, it’s great to allow Joe Runner to come in and purchase these add-ons later but on the other hand, you can really burn yourself by not having this data automatically linked to Joe’s race registration.

Force Purchaser to Have Race RegistrationAs I mentioned above, there are many merchandise items where you don’t need to require that a purchaser be a registered participant. However, for those items that are only available to registered athletes, be sure to check the “Must be a registered participant to purchase item” checkbox. This will force the person buying the item to enter the confirmation code from their registration. Our system does some back-end magic and voila, you can match up the purchase to the registration in Participant Details.

Clicking one button can save so much time and effort. Picture yourself not having checked that box and then spending a late night having to match up your merch report to your participant download just to denote which athletes have purchased an iTab that needs to get engraved and then mailed after the race. Night. Mare.

Export Merchandise with Race Registration Data

In order to get the merchandise data in with your registrations in Participant Details, be sure to select “Include Merchandise in Export”. This will add columns to your participant export to account for all merchandise that you’ve sold. And then lucky you, you’re done! 

In Conclusion...

To learn more, check out this article on setting up merchandise on imATHLETE

Feel free to drop us a note at if you have questions about setting up your merchandise or even if you want us to get a second set of eyes on what you’ve done. Getting the merchandise setup wrong can cause so many headaches in the future so we definitely want to get you set up correctly!

If you have any questions that you'd like to submit for a future "RD Q+A" feel free to drop us a note in the comments.

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