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Randolph Garcia
July 26, 2016

Reinstating Cancelled Participants

  RD Q+A


Our “RD Q+A” posts aim to take real-life questions from race directors that we either see frequently or we think could help other events with best practices. Yes you can breathe easier, you’re not the only one that has questions!



“I accidentally canceled one of my athletes, how do I get them back into my event?!” -- or the flip side -- “My athlete canceled themselves and now they want to get back into the race, what do I do?!”



Yes, this does happen from time-to-time (how can it not when you are trying to manage race participants?!) but before we cry over spilled milk just know that there is an easy way to remedy this! See the easy steps below:

  1. You will want to log into your imATHLETE account and click on Participant Details for the event in question.   

  2. Once there, search for the athlete that you need to reinstate. Be sure to check the “include canceled participants” checkbox at the bottom left.Search Participant Details 

  3. When you see the athlete pop up, click their race registration ONCE and you will see a series of red links appear at the top. Click the “Reinstate Participant” link in the upper right.Reinstate Participant 

  4. You will see a pop up that asks you to acknowledge that you understand that reinstating a canceled athlete won’t cancel a previously requested refund (more on that later).
    Reinstate Confirmation 

  5. You will need to select whether or not you want to send the athlete an email letting them know their registration is reinstated.Confirmation Email 

  6. You're almost done! Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself as you are reinstating an athlete:

    1. Did I issue the athlete a refund? If you incorrectly issued a refund to a participant when you initially canceled their registration, you must contact our support team immediately! We have a small window of time to reverse refunds so you want to make sure to alert us to the mistake once you realize the mistake.

    2. Am I offering discount codes for cancellations? If your event is set up to issue discount codes to athletes that are canceled (ex: participant cancels registration and gets a 50% discount code of the cost of registration) then you need to disable the discount code that the athlete was issued. After all, if the athlete changes their mind and is going to stay in your event they shouldn’t also get a free discount code for the trouble. Don’t worry, this is easy! You will see an option to do this in the pop up window you get in Step #4 above. Click “Cancel associated discount code” to disable that code.  Cancel Discount 

In Conclusion...

As you can see, it's really easy to reinstate an athlete that has been canceled. No need for a heart attack in the process!

If you have any questions that you'd like to submit for a future "RD Q+A" feel free to drop us a note in the comments.

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