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Jeff Matlow
May 04, 2018

Why We Partnered with Running USA

You may have heard that we were recently named the Official Data Insight Partner for Running USA

If you don't already know who Running USA is, they are the leading industry trade organization.  Their goal is to advance and grow the running industry.


One important way Running USA works to achieve their goal, is by positioning themselves as an educational resource for the industry.  They are the most widely referenced resource for information about trends and statistics specific to the running industry.  When they say that the business is expanding or contracting, people listen.  When they talk about new trends, they guide industry conversation.

Why?  Because they are highly respected and have a history of delivering important, insightful and high quality data to help drive industry growth.

As it turns out, imATHLETE is focused on the exact same thing.

The imATHLETE mission is to "leverage technology to enhance and inspire athletic behavior".  A significant part of this technology is the data that comes with it.

We have a boat load of data.  

 - 450,000 athlete responses to an ongoing survey

-  hundreds of millions of data points covering consumer behavior on millions of participants

- consumer behavior on tens of thousands of events

This data is only as good as how it's applied.  Our goal at imATHLETE, is to utilize the high quality data to drive critical insights that help drive industry growth.

Whether you work with imATHLETE or not, it's our mission to help you grow your business as best as you can.

And this is why we partnered with Running USA. We have the same goal, the same mission.  Together we will be bringing you webinars every ~2 months, with data and actionable insights that can help you make smart decisions faster.

Come join our first webinar.

Data Insight Series #1:  Retention Rates and Strategies

May 23rd, 11am PT.

It's filling up fast so sign up now!!

Talk to you soon.


- Jeff




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