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Cortney Martin
April 17, 2019

ROAD iD and imATHLETE Partner To Save Lives

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with ROAD iD.  Even more than thrilled, we're over-thrilled... uber-thrilled.  You get the emotion. iD is vitally important for emergency situations and should be on the wrist (or shoe) of everyone who is active.  If you're active and you don't have one, shame on you.

You'll spot the signature wristband on a majority of active people.  In fact, Jeff Matlow, imATHLETE CEO sports a nifty Johnny Cash-like black ROAD iD. 

With the partnership, athletes can purchase - for a significant discount - a fully-customized wearable ID through event registration - or directly here.

Race Directors can offer the $35 ROAD iD in their imATHLETE registration and their participants get 30% off - paying only pay $25 for a $35 item.  What a bargain, eh? Athletes have their choice of styles and colors.

If you're an event organizer, there are even financial benefits for you and your event/company to offer ROAD iD.  Plus, we'll get you hooked you up with some ROAD iDs to give away as gifts or prizes.

Here's how to add ROAD iD to your merchandise offerings with just a few clicks.

Partner with ROAD iD now

As a side note, I place so much value on ROAD iD, that I ordered one for my dad in 2013 (see note below), and I've had one on my wrist every day since 2011. 

Let's work together to introduce more active individuals to the most important piece of training equipment they may have never thought of. As always, if you have any questions, ideas, or stories, reach out to me at

~ Cortney
triathlete. runner. mom. and loyal ROAD iD wearer since 2011.


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