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Kristyn Hedley
May 31, 2018

Ahoy! Greater Control of Captains and Team Names

Teams add a lot of fun to events but sometimes circumstances change.
Maybe the team captain is not able to captain and is not able to log in and hand off the role him or herself. Hopefully there has not been a mutiny! Perhaps the team can't quite settle on a name and you really need that final decision locked in by a certain date.
We've made these super-easy to manage from the the imATHLETE RD Dashboard! 
Quickly change team captain in Participant Details. You can now edit captain-ship within participant details.  To do so, click on a captain in participant details. Click the new red "change captain" quick link above the PD grid. 
Change Captain
In the pop up, all team members will be listed. The current captain is selected by default. Choose a new captain, and click save.  The page will refresh to display the updated info. 
Change Captain 2
Toggle team name edits on/off. You can now choose whether to allow team name edits and indicate who can change the team name - all, captain, or nobody. You can also choose how many days prior to the event the team name changes are allowed. Find this new feature in Event Setup > Classes > Class pop up. 
Team Name Edits
With control over the team name edit window, infinite changes can be avoided!
many boat names
Try it out and let us now what you think.
Have an idea for a new feature? Send it to us at!

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