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Jeff Matlow
June 19, 2019

Social Marketing + Social Sharing Links

We just told you about some new social marketing enhancements that we made.  Heck, we even just revealed 6 Facts about Social Marketing.  

imATHLETE Social Share ReportSince good things come in threes, I suppose we need to drop another social marketing themed enhancement on you and guess what... yup, we've got one.

We all know that no matter how many times you tell an athlete something, there's a 79.6% chance that they are going to forget anyway.  This is true with their unique social marketing link.  No matter how many times we put it in front of their face, they are probably going to lose it.

So what we've gone and done is put everybody's social sharing link right on their profile pop-up of the participant list.

- Just go to the participant list

- Click on a person's name

- Voila!  There's their unique social sharing link.


Social Pop-Up on PPL


Want to talk more about social marketing ideas?  Let's chat!  


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