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Jeff Matlow
March 13, 2020

The Coronavirus And Your Event(s)

COVID-19 And It's Impact

The COVID-19 scare has already impacted our industry more profoundly than any other event in modern history.  Everybody here at imATHLETE and EnMotive understands the challenges you may be facing and the difficulty of the decisions you may have to make.  

We are here for you.

First and foremost, we don't want to create any undue financial hardship so we are continuing our regular course of business, including maintaining existing payment schedules and terms.

We are monitoring all activity very closely in order to provide you with the most accurate insight and guidance.  We are here to provide support and recommendations, and will give you periodic updates as they arise.

With that in mind, below is a list of suggestions to consider.


Go Virtual

Empty Finish Line

A virtual option gives your event the ability to exist, just in a different format.  As opposed to all the athletes needing to come to your venue, they can now participate anywhere and anytime they like, while still remaining a part of your event.

The savings from not producing a live event should more than cover the shipping costs of the goodie bag, including the event giveaway (i.e. shirt), medal and bib.  Runner feedback so far has been more than accepting and supportive of a conversion to a virtual event, especially when they are still getting their goodies.

Reach out to us on how to use the platform for self- or managed fulfillment.


Communicate Often

tin-can-telephoneSend a note to participants with your thoughts.  Be matter of fact and don't create panic.  As you get within one month of the event, send weekly updates. 

Make sure you communicate with your sponsors and race partners separately.  They don't want to hear news at the same time as your participants.


Refund or Deferral

There are many ways that this can be handled within the platform, ranging from refunding everybody to giving the option to defer to another event in your series, or next year's event.


Non-Profit Events

Use this opportunity to remind participants of your cause and your event's purpose, and why it's important for this event to be successful even if the event doesn't happen.




Some insurance that was purchased last year will cover communicable disease, including COVID-19.  There is no insurance you - or your participants - can purchase now to cover it.  COVID-19 is an existing condition and already blocked out on all insurance offerings.



Remember to communicate with your sponsors in advance and separate from partners.  Use this as an opportunity to activate digitally or with virtual options.  Consider rolling over their sponsorship to a future event.


Upgrades or Special Offers

Incentivize current registered participants to sign up for future event(s) with something unique such as a VIP upgrade, discount pricing, special jacket, additional.medals or whatever makes sense and has a high perceived value.


We are here for you.

Our industry has come together to get through this pandemic and imATHLETE / EnMotive is here to continue to support you in putting on amazing events.

We've been through difficult times in the past and we'll be through difficult times in the future.  We always get through, especially when we work together.  There will be cost and casualties, yes, but know that we are available 24/7 to help in anyway we can.

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