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Kaila Luttrell
December 15, 2016

Up Your Email Game with Notifications

Send Automatic Email Notifications After Race RegistrationWe live in an age of limited attention spans and fierce competition for eyeballs in the inbox. (By the way, have you seen this kitten video?) And sometimes, you’ve got information that you want newly registered athletes to have as soon as they click submit on your online race registration form. Because if you don’t get it in front of them right that instant they may never read it.

Fortunately, the nifty Notifications feature lets you do just that.

What Is a Notification?

A Notification is an email you create that is automatically sent to each athlete who registers for your event. It goes out immediately after they check out, right around the time we send the confirmation email for the race registration. And just like a rotisserie infomercial, once you set it, you can fahgeddit.


Why Would I Use One?

It’s the best time to kick off your relationship between your new participant and your brand (or strengthen it if they’ve participated in one of your events in the past).

Sending a Notifcation email is also a great opportunity to say hello, give some basic event information, and to let folks know how they can sign up for your email list. You might also want to promote your charity partners, plug your sponsors, and give some teaser info about your other events.


When Do I Need to Set This Up?

If you want everyone who registers for your race to receive your notification email, you definitely want to set up before you open online registration. Notification emails will not retroactively go out to anyone who has already registered, so get this set up before you launch.  


Show Me How to Create A Notification


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