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Jeff Matlow
March 24, 2020

Video: Participant Engagement During a Time of Coronavirus

Participant Engagement

During normal times, it's challenging to keep participants engaged year round.  Now that people are stuck in their homes and urged to maintain healthy social distancing, it's even harder to get people excited to engage with your event.

But there are a variety of events out there that are being creative in how they get it done.

The Video

Check out this video that describes what two companies are doing:  Detroit Free Press / TCF Bank Marathon and the Dick's Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon.  Though they are both big events, their ideas can be scaled to any size event.

It's cool stuff.  


Detroit Free Press / TCF Bank Marathon

You can see their workouts here:

And check out their virtual events on their Facebook page:


Dick's Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon

Follow along with their announcements and what they do on their Facebook page:


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