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Kaila Luttrell
September 25, 2017

We've got something to show you...

imATHLETE home page

I don't know if there's a season for new-technology-releases-full-of-things-that'll-knock-your-socks-off, but if there is, it's now. Which is a good thing, because in keeping with this season, we've got some great new features headed your way.

You may remember that not too long ago we announced the beginnings of imATHLETE 3.0 - this release will be one of the most jam-packed since unleashing 3.0. These improvements are in their first iteration, meaning that like your favorite comfy jeans, they'll get even better as we go along.

Here are some of the highlights from this release:

Edit Registration


Edit Registration Permissions

The more you let your athletes manage on their own, the easier things tend to be for you. So, we've built a feature that allows you to customize the registration items your athletes and team captains can edit on their own. More specifically, you can:

  1. Specify what information athletes can edit on their own registrations.
  2. Specify information team captains (if you're using team classes) can edit on behalf of their team members

You can set this up from the nifty new left navigation by selecting Tools > Reg Permissions. Learn more here.

Athlete Portal

Edit Registration Page

The edit registration feature has been here for quite some time now working quietly in the background while the rest of us go on about our lives. But it hasn't been forgotten. In fact, we made some improvements to it. It:

  1. Has an updated UI to match the rest of our enhanced pages
  2. Allows you to create separate sections (think: Participant Info, Registration Info, Post-Race Party questions, Volunteer questions, etc.). Learn more about this here.

Class-Specific Cutoff for Registration Edits

You can now specify different registration edit end dates for different classes. You can enable this within the setup for each class, which is accessible from event setup under Classes + Categories. Learn more here

Static Report Viewer

Static Report Viewer

The Static Report Viewer brings you a few new reports and some incredible visuals. No to worry - the old reports you know and love are still available. We've always been a huge proponent of giving you access to lots of data so that you can make better business decisions. Plus, who isn't a sucker for a good looking graph? 

You can access these enhanced reports using the Reporting link in the left navigation of your dashboard. 

The old reports are still available from the top right navigation drop down menu under Reports.

Multiple Choice Custom Questions for Teams

This improvement to multiple choice custom questions lets you specify that each answer may be selected by one team member only. For instance, let's say you're putting on a relay triathlon and you want to know "which leg of the triathlon will you compete in?" "Swim", "bike", and "run" can each only be selected one time and by a different team member. The trick is to use the word "leg" or "relay" in the question. Nifty, eh? Learn more here.

Left Navigation Bar

You may have noticed in the first two screenshots above that the left side navigation is simplified, prettier, and more intuitive. We've also moved the top right dashboard links to the Settings tab in the new left navigation. Also, because we're incrementally rolling out UI improvements, this gives you a taste of what's to come for the rest of your dashboard. (Hint: It looks good!) 


We'll be rolling out more detailed information about these features over the next week or so. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, feel free to drop a note with any questions.

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