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Jeff Matlow
May 11, 2015

11 Ideas To Create A Better Athlete Experience At Your Event


Customer service is everything – whether you’re a retailer, website or athletic event. Good customer service is not enough in today’s day and age, it has to be great.  People stay loyal to companies with great customer service.

loyaltyI'm a stickler for great customer support.  I run an online registration company and customer support is a number one priority for us.  We do our damnedest to go above and beyond the call of duty to provide great customer support.  Not good support.  Great support.  

Because with the power of social media, bad customer service can destroy your business in a heartbeat.  Take, for instance, the current battle I’m in with a phone company. Let's call them Horizon.  The thing is, I'm not sure they realize we're even at war.  Truthfully, I doubt they even care.  Which is exactly where the problem often lies. 

You see, I just moved to a new home and have been trying to get my Internet installed.  It seems to me I should just be able to call the phone company, confirm the service, schedule the technician and, bing-bang-boom, it's done.  Right?  Apparently not....


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